Bachelor of Arts Degree

Advisor: Dr. Gary Pranger

Program Overview

Each student majoring in history chooses three of four areas that provide an integrated, focused-area degree, selected to prepare him or her for service in "every person's world." For success in today's professions, the ORU graduate requires historical-cultural understanding to best minister healing for the totality of human needs. This department can provide that understanding. This degree can be completed in three years by following the degree-in-three plan sheet.

Degree Requirements

General Education: 56 hours

 Major Courses: 39 hours

  • Historiography
  • Evangelical and Charismatic Christianity in America
  • History Internship
  • Senior Paper/Project
  • Choice of 3 Historical Areas (United States; Europe; Asia/Middle East; Latin America)

I. Unites States Area Courses: (3 of the following)

  • Colonial America to Early National
  • Civil War & Reconstruction
  • Early Modern US
  • US since 1929           

II. Europe Area Courses: (3 of the following)

  • Middle Ages & Reformation
  • Modern Europe, 1815 to Present
  • Eastern European History

III. Asia/Middle East Area Courses: (3 of the following)

  • China & Japan Survey
  • India & Southeast Asia
  • Contemporary Asia: 1945 to Present
  • Islamic Middle East
  • Ancient Near East
  • 20th Century Middle East
  • Rise of Modern Israel

IV. Latin America Area Courses: (3 of the following)

  • Colonial Latin America
  • Survey of Latin America
  • Caribbean, Mexico, & Central America

Minor Total: 18 hours

Electives: 7 hours
Degree Total: 120 hours (minimum)

Traditional - Degree Plan
Degree in 3 - Degree Plan

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Career Options
  • Civil service professionals at the local, state, national or international levels
  • Middle school/high school teacher
  • Politician or political consultant
  • Public administrator
  • Research analyst
  • Historian
  • University lecturer
Internship Opportunities
  • Congressional Offices in Tulsa and Washington D.C.
  • Tulsa Law Firms
  • Alliance Defending Freedom
  • State Legislative Offices in Oklahoma City
  • Americorps.gov
  • Department of State
  • International Christian Concerns (ICC)
  • Political Campaigns

Department of History, Humanities and Government
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