Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in French will have many opportunities to influence the French-speaking world for the glory of God. Here at ORU, students are encouraged to go into every man's world, and we believe that one of the greatest influences you carry is your voice. No matter what career you choose to pursue, speaking to someone in his or her heart language will bridge gaps you did not know existed and create community opportunities you would not have had before. 


Many people choose to study French with the goal to teach it or to work as translators or interpreters, and if those vocational possibilities interest you, you may want to check out our major in French with a Concentration in Professional Education or our program in Translation and Interpreting. However, French majors work in a whole host of fields, from education to business to government and more! Many students combine their studies in French with other areas of interest to create unique programs of study to fit their vocational goals. 

  • Business
    • International business
    • Banking
    • US firms with representatives abroad
    • Bilingual customer support
    • Import/export firms
    • Translator or interpreter
  • Government
    •  Immigration
    • Foreign Service Officer
    • Diplomat
    • National Security Agent
    • Cultural Attaché
    • Peace Corps worker
    • Translator or Interpreter
    • International relations
  • Ministry
    • Pastor
    • Evangelist
    • Missionary
  • Communications and Media
    • Media specialist
    • Foreign correspondent
    • Journalism
    • Graphic design
  • Social Service
    • Social Work
    • Nursing and other health professions
    • Counseling
  • Travel and Tourism
    • Travel agent
    • Tour guide
    • Hospitality industry
    • Airline industry
  • Education
    • See our degree program in French with professional education concentration

At ORU, the French major offers courses in language, literature, and culture, as well as professional courses such as Business French. Students also have the opportunity to participate in service learning and professional internships.


As a French major, you have the opportunity to learn from our excellent faculty who help develop your skills in French and incorporate it into your everyday life. Our faculty have advanced degrees in language, education, and translation, and help guide you into possible career choices. In advanced French courses, students learn the culture and literature of France, while learning the mechanics and grammar in classes such as Composition and Phonetics. Students also have the opportunity to use their French language skills in the community through our internship course.


In partnership with the International Student Center, we offer study abroad programs in a variety of locations in France.  We have had students go to Paris, Pau, Nice, Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, Strasbourg, and several other locations. Visit the EML department for more information on study abroad opportunities in France. 

French CLUB

The mission of the French Club is to enrich students' appreciation of the cultures of French-speaking countries. Club events offer opportunities to learn about culture and practice French in innovative, exciting ways. 

Degree Plan

Degree in Three

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