The Elsing Museum

One of three rooms displaying the fantastic collection of Willard Elsing and several other collections.
A Septarian concretion from southern Utah. Commonly composed of calcite, jasper, dolomite, pyrite or several other minerals.
Jade in the form of a royalty ship, with two masts above three graduated pagoda style decks over a dragon shaped bow and stern. The ship measures four feet long and four feet tall.
Case of minerals that shows the various colors and shapes of several minerals. Such diversity is what attracts so many to this collection.
Part of the “Homestead” collection donated by Howard McGill from Ava MO. Wagons, a replica of the log cabin that his father grew up in near Ava, all made from petrified wood.

God's Natural Art Museum

Your thoughts - how rare, how beautiful! God, I'll never comprehend them. I couldn't even begin to count them anymore than I could count the sands of the sea. Oh, let me rise in the morning and live always with you! Psalm 139:17-17 MSG

Visiting the Elsing Museum is a unique experience for exploring fascinating specimens that provide a glimpse into the past and information about the foundations of this world we inhabit.

The Elsing Museum comprises an extensively rare collection of some of the world's most amazing gems, minerals, natural art, Indian artifacts, oriental artifacts, and much more.  A visitor's first glimpse of  the museum makes it clear that many years of dedication and careful selection by Mr. Willard Elsing has resulted in an irreplaceably unique exhibit.