• To participate, you must be admitted to ORU, nominated to the Quest Whole Person Scholarship Program, invited to participate in a Scholarship Day event, and confirm your participation with an RSVP ahead of time so that a scholarship interview may be scheduled for you.

  • Participation is limited to new freshmen or transfer students who have been nominated to the Quest Whole Person Scholarship Program by a non-family member who is a school official, church official, community leader or a member of the ORU alumni, faculty or staff. Once a nominee has been selected they may receive an invitation from the University to participate in the on-campus Scholarship Day Event. To be considered, incoming freshmen students must have a 2.6 cumulative high school GPA and a 20 ACT or a 940 SAT (math and critical reading only). Incoming transfer students must have a 2.6 cumulative college GPA.

  • Admission and Nomination deadlines are the final day students may submit their information for the Quest Whole Person Scholarship Event. Invitation to the event is not automatic and is based upon review of your admissions file and nomination.

  • Only a select number of students will be invited to a Quest Whole Person Scholarship Event. If invited to participate, students must RSVP by the deadline listed on their Scholarship Day invitation. Space is limited. RSVPs will no longer be received if the capacity for a Scholarship Day event is reached even if it is before the original RSVP deadline.


Quest Whole Person Scholarship awards will be determined by the Scholarship Review Committee. The scholarship will be good for up to four years, in the fall and spring semesters, toward full-time enrollment in an undergraduate, residential program at the University. Recipients' awards will be reviewed annually. Students must maintain a satisfactory Whole Person Assessment score and Grade Point Average and remain in good standing with the University in order to continue receiving the award. Quest Whole Person Scholarships are not transferable. The scholarship must be used in the year it was awarded. Recipients must maintain full-time continuous enrollment.

Click here for scholarship renewal criteria.

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