The safety and security of our students is of utmost importance.  The Department of Public Safety and Security is composed of state-licensed security officers and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The offices are located in the Hamill Student Center, directly below the cafeteria. 

Campus residences and facilities are subject to published building hours and curfews.  Officers conduct regular walk-through patrols of campus facilities.  Electronic door locking mechanisms are in place and card-swipe access is utilized to limit access to senstive areas.  Security patrols maintain a Security presence throughout the campus and initiate contact to control access to campus facilities.

All campus residence halls are staffed with desk personnel to monitor student and visitor access to the building.  Each residence hall has an adult, full-time Residence Hall Director.  Their responsibilities include not only supervision of the building but also helping students recognize their obligations.  They are available for counsel and advice and may also direct students with problems to other offices within the University.  A Resident Advisor (RA) lives on each wing or floor of the residence hall and each is on duty from 9 p.m. until 15 minutes after curfew in each of the women's and men's residence halls.  In addition to the RAs, the following student leaders are also present on each wing or floor:  Chaplain, Academic Peer Advisor, Athletic Chairperson and Social Chairperson. 

The ORU Campus is equipped with Emergency Call Boxes in Parking Lot H (upper lot student parking) and near the tennis courts.  Escorts are available for students and may be requested by calling the ORU Security Dispatcher at 918.495.7750 or by dialing 7750 from any campus extension.

Timely notification of the campus community is taken seriously regarding campus crimes or emergencies.  Policies and procedures are continually updated to reflect the very best in notification and protection of the entire campus population.  The policies of the Department of Public Safety and Security are published in the Student Handbook or can be viewed at