Financial Advice for your College Age Student

College is a critical time for making wise financial decisions. Wrong decisions during this period can leave students in an adverse financial situation. Their ability to make future major purchases like a car or a home can be placed in jeopardy. Financial awareness is the key to helping your student avoid the mistakes that are all too common in college.

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The You Thou Shalt Be by Dr. Mark Rutland

When I was younger, much younger than I am, my life view was very different. My life view has changed more than my worldview. I once thought of life as a journey, a single trek from point A to point B, progressive steps leading toward a destination of some kind. Mostly, I thought of that destination in terms of circumstances, professional or material perhaps. 

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Don’t Suffer in Silence! by Sheree King

I make no apologies for strongly encouraging students (whether from strong academic backgrounds or not) to become familiar with and utilize campus resources when needed.

While attending a well known and respected university, my grades slipped…actually the downward spiral began the first semester. I did not know who to turn to, so I kept my low academic performance to myself. I even hid my academic problems from my friends.

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Providing the Academic Edge by Becky Duncan

While all parents want to believe their children recognize and know to ask for help when encountering difficulties in classes, the truth is, not all do. Conversely, when they do recognize their need, they may not always know where to turn for help. The Student Resources department at ORU, under the leadership of Danny Ziriax, provides a variety of resources to help your child transition to college life and excel in his/her pursuits. One such program is the Academic Peer Advisor Program.  

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