ARISE: ORU New Student Orientation

ARISE Registration

ARISE is a story.

"ORU is based around helping you discover how important it is to implement God's plan in your life.  

"Students learn things they can use in their communities.  It's cool to be able to serve, and ORU has a passion about service.  Learning is not just about yourself but also for other people and the community."

Josh Weed
Tulsa, OK
Engineering major

ARISE is a story.  A story about you becoming a whole person, hearing the Voice of God, and changing your world.

When you arrive on campus, Student Life and our amazing student leaders will help you move into the dorms, form BETA groups, and get connected with peers, just like you, that are starting a new story.  

You will also have an opportunity to learn about Blueprint, our new student leadership development program.

The week of ARISE will climax with Partiestival, Student Association's annual event to welcome the whole student body back to ORU!  Wing Weekend will kick-off at Partiestival where brother/sister wings and Sodalities will compete for PRIDE and prizes!

At ORU we challenge you to ARISE to the whole person, ARISE to the Voice of God, ARISE to your purpose.

Student Life and our amazing staff and faculty are excited to help you tell your story!