Alumni Experiences

Meet Kevin Gillogly, Class of 2007

When Kevin came to ORU, he followed in the footsteps of his two sisters, Erin, who graduated in 2001 and Megan a 2004 graduate. In addition to being a pastoral care ministry graduate and student leader, Kevin was chosen as homecoming king in 2007.

While at ORU, Kevin completed two internships, the first in Christian Life Church, Mt. Prospect, Illinois, which was his home church. The second was at Life Connection, in Jenks, Oklahoma, where he went on to his current apprenticeship position. He is fulfilling his calling by working with youth, senior adults and single parents through the church's Adopt a Block program which regularly leads to opportunities to minister to the spiritual needs of those he serves.

When Kevin reflected on his years in college, he remarked, "ORU taught me how to think and approach situations. Professors there really believe in the students and challenge them. I made lifelong friends. When someone asks me if attending ORU was worth the cost, I have to say it was priceless."

As Kevin looked to the future, he noted, "I am committed to being what God is making me to be. I could go into the pastorate or camp ministry or something else. I know I have a pastoral heart. I want to take care of God's people the way God is telling me to do it."

Kevin currently works in Pastoral Care Ministry at Life Connection Church in Jenks, Oklahoma