The Kitchen Table

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Most alums will tell you that the ORU cafeteria serves as the place where many great conversations happen, ideas are born and friendships are established. Dormitory wings and their corresponding brother/sister wings have designated spaces they can use to eat and socialize. And a student committee works with the cafeteria staff to insure that students' requests and feedback are heard. Dining options within the cafeteria include everything from the traditional grill to deli-style sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, salads and a salad bar, an array of cereals, pizza and pastas, and Asian, Mexican and specialty cuisines, all served cafeteria-style with plenty of options available. 

In addition to the cafeteria, you'll find these delicious dining options around campus presented by Sodexo Food Services:

Aerobics Center (AC)

  • The Squeeze, serving healthy drinks 

Armand Hammer Alumni-Student Center

  • Moe's Southwest Grill, serving a variety of fresh, made-to-order southwest fare, as well as vegetarian and low-calorie options
  • Jazzman's Cafe and Bakery, serving specialty coffee beverages and fresh pastries, cookies and muffins, as well as sandwiches, hot-pressed paninis, fresh soups and garden salads

Graduate Center (GC) 3rd floor

  • The Deli, serving breakfast and lunch weekdays

Hamill Center

  • Chick-Fil-A, serving lunch & dinner; lower level
  • Freshens Eagle's Nest, serving healthy smoothies, yogurt and snacks; located adjacent to Chick-Fil-A

Learning Resource Center (LRC) 3rd floor

  • Freshens LRC, serving healthy smoothies
  • Green Cuisine, with natural and organic food options
  • Hava Java, serving coffee and drinks

CityPlex Towers

  • Mama Delucca's Pizza, serving lunch and dinner, 1st Floor
  • Subway, serving lunch and dinner,1st floor

Meal Plan Options - Residential Students

The meal plans include three "Flexible All Access" plans that provide unlimited access to the student cafeteria. These plans allow you to dine as many times as you want per day. Two basic plans are available for students who require fewer on-campus meals.

Sodexo bucks, which can be used anytime, particularly for late-night retail dining, are packaged at $300, $450, and $600 amounts, respective to the dining option tier selected.

Basic Plans include a 10-meals per week option, and a 14-meals per week with $100 Sodexo bucks option, allowing use of any of the 31 meal periods offered per week based upon the allotted meals of your plan.

Meal Plans

Dining Plan Options

Flex Plans

  1. Flex Gold (All Access* + $600 Sodexo Bucks/semester)/$2,795 per semester
  2. Flex Plus (All Access   + $450 Sodexo Bucks/semester/$2,645 per semester
  3. Flex One (All Access   + $300 Sodexo Bucks/semester/$2,495 per semester

For only $200 more than the Basic Plus, you get $200 additional Sodexo bucks, plus unlimited dining with the Flex One Plan.

Basic Plans

  1. Basic One 10 meals per week in the cafeteria/$1995 per semester
  2. Basic Plus 14 meals per week + $100 Sodexo Bucks/semester/$2295 per semester

For only $300 more than the Basic One, you get $100 in Sodexo Bucks, plus approximately 64 more meals per semester.

*All Access - unlimited access to the ORU Dining Hall continuous dining program in the Hamil Center

Meal Plan Grid

Meal Plan Options - Commuter Students

Commuter Students can purchase a block of meals that can be used for yourself and your guests in the student Cafeteria. It is a non-refundable, non-transferable plan that expires at the end of the academic school year. Meals may be purchased at the Eagle Card Center on LRC3 or at Student Accounts on GC 2.5 West.

Block Meals:

Block of 10 meals - $59.00 10 Meals + 100 Sodexo Bucks - $159.00
Block of 25 meals - $141.00 25 Meals + 50 Sodexo Bucks - $173.50
Block of 50 meals - $257.50 50 Meals + 25 Sodexo Bucks - $266.00

The cafeteria operating hours are
7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday - Friday (open continuously) 
10:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.  (Early Brunch and Brunch) and
4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. (Dinner) on weekends

Visit ORU Dining Services Sodexo page for more information or to view menus.