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Honing Students' Natural Leadership Skills

Are you a natural leader with a heart for your fellow students and for serving the Lord?  Each year there are a few freshmen who demonstrate natural leadership skills from the moment they arrive on campus.  Through an application and interview process the Blueprint program identifies these students and invites them to help create a blueprint for developing leadership abilities among the entire freshman class.

Blueprint meets weekly and engages with the Student Association to provide such leadership development opportunities as:  

  • Organizing and staging games, activities and music on behalf of the Student Association for future students at College Weekend
  • Planning mixers for students with ORU faculty, board members and campus guests
  • Assisting behind the scenes with the Ignite leadership conference
  • Putting on workshops to promote leadership among the student body
  • Participating in community outreach efforts to serve people in need
  • Serving, during their sophomore years, as captains (peer mentors) for the next Blueprint group

In Luke 12:48, the Bible says, "To whom much is given, much will be required."  Blueprint is an opportunity for those with leadership abilities to cultivate them and in the process hone their skills for greater service in the years to come.