What It's Like

From a Student's Perspective...

"Being a graduate student at ORU is an experience uniquely different from what I expected. After all, this is ORU! Nowhere else on the earth can you find a university founded upon such a rich Christian foundation and a vision that is shored up by the direct power of the Holy Spirit. The graduate classes at ORU prepare us by grounding us with strong Christian roots, stirring up within us an eagerness to walk each step with the direction of the Holy Spirit and equipping us with the exact skills and resources we need in order to walk away from this place and make an impact in areas of business, finance, ministry or education.

"I will be the first to admit that being a graduate student does take some adjustment when compared to life at the undergraduate level. Many of us are well into our twenties and thirties or beyond and have responsibilities that we never had to contend with while doing our undergraduate degrees. We have the responsibilities of school, yes, but also of work, of family, and of life as we have not experienced it in younger years. But at ORU encouragement comes not only in the form of good Christian friends, classmates, and professors to rally around us when times get stressful and the newness starts to wear away a bit, but encouragement comes mostly from the fact that we can stop, step back for a moment, and refocus our vision on the reasons we are at ORU in the first place. Yes, I want to be successful in a career and in life, but not without also maximizing the success I have at being in close relationship with Christ and in showing Him first in every arena of my life. ORU is helping me in those endeavors."

                                                                —Melissa Miller, Graduate student since January 2006, pursuing a Master of Divinity and a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling with emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.