Graduate Student Experience

A full time teacher, a full time student, a parent, a spouse, a pastor, a worship leader, a full time employee... Our graduate students come from all walks and stages of life, yet they share a common goal in that they are pursuing graduate degrees. With those degrees they will be able to fully enter chosen professions, earn promotions and otherwise enrich their lives. Some take classes on campus in a 15 week semester format, while others take short modular sessions and complete pre- and post-coursework on their own and others take classes online.

The Graduate Student Experience at ORU is one in which the highly trained and experienced faculty instruct, guide and mentor students in their programs of Business, Education and Theology. Faculty members communicate with students regularly in the classroom, in their offices and virtually. They stay in touch and keep track of their students' success.

Working through the academic experience together, students form support networks and friendships that often last far beyond degree completion and result in professional contacts as well. Graduate study is an exciting undertaking in which students are able to explore specific topics that shape life and career goals.