Preparing For Success

Good Advice on Transferring Classes

An important part of transferring is making sure that the classes you have already taken will transfer to ORU.  To help make sure that you get credit for as many of the classes already taken as possible, it is helpful to bring a course catalog with detailed descriptions of classes, syllabi and any other descriptive papers about courses taken with you to ORU. These documents can be helpful for the Registrar's Office if there are questions about course content. Being prepared will make the transfer process easier.

Be sure to check in and get to know your new faculty advisor as soon as possible.  The advisor is assigned in the department of your major, for example, if you are an accounting student, the Business department will assign your advisor.  Your advisor can be very helpful in the process of transferring classes and in helping you select the right classes at ORU to continue forward with the least amount of interruption in your chosen degree. He or she can also help you get plugged into all the classes and activities that prompted you to transfer.

Most of all, don't be afraid to ask questions. You are at a new school and things will be different. The best way to find out something you don't know is to ask. You will find everyone is friendly and eager to help you get settled in. If you don't already know, you will soon discover there are a lot of activities and opportunities at ORU. Be sure to find the activities that fit your interests and experience ORU to the fullest.