Experience For the Spirit

Experience for the Spirit — A Christian Worldview

Seeing the World Through the Eyes of Christ

Communicating a Christian worldview is central to everything we do at ORU.  As a student on the ORU campus, you'll notice the difference right away.  From professors that begin class with prayer to inspiring Christ-centered chapel worship and mission trips that give you opportunities to put your faith in action, a commitment to a living faith is the bedrock of the entire ORU experience.  Expect to grow while you are on campus.  You won't be disappointed.

"I really appreciate the spiritual atmosphere. I love the campus' high energy, the refreshing chapels and the opportunity to worship with my friends."

Kelli Edmond
Pittburgh, PA
Psychology Major

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Timothy mentoring

"Learn what the Bible says!"

Who: Dr. Boyd

When: Tuesday, 9-10pm

Where: Fireside

*Timothy Mentoring Group meets weeky*

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