Model United Nations

Expand Your World View

Compassion for the world's people demands understanding of the issues they face, the struggles they endure and the dreams they hold.  When you participate in Model UN as part of the Oral Roberts University delegate team you get an in-depth understanding of the nation represented, the challenges it faces and how the United Nations works to meet those needs.

An academic simulation of the actual United Nations, this autumn conference educates you in civics, effective communication, globalization and multilateral diplomacy. You and other team members research a country, investigate international issues and assume the roles of diplomats to develop solutions to international problems.

In previous years, the ORU delegation to Model UN has represented Japan, Spain, Switzerland and Israel. If you are an international relations major, you can receive academic credit for Model United Relations Internship by participating in Model UN. It's valuable hands on experience that hones diplomatic and research skills you will use throughout your career and life.

Reasons to Participate

  1. Gain a clear view of the challenges the world's people face
  2.  Build your research and reasoning abilities
  3. Develop a heart for the world's struggling people
  4. Learn to negotiate effectively