Officiating Intramurals at ORU

As popular as intramurals are at ORU, they wouldn't be possible without the efforts of our diligent corps of student referees. If you love sports, are interested in holding a work-study position and have the grit to officiate some tightly contested games between dorm wings, becoming a referee may be something worth investigating.

Each year the Intramurals Director selects a men's and a women's referee coordinator who in turn hire, train and schedule between 15 and 30 referees each who are paid by the games they officiate. Being a referee is a demanding job that's not for everyone. You must have tough skin to take the heat when you must make an unpopular call. You need strong conflict resolution skills and the ability to command respect on a field of fired up players and spectators.

Sound inviting? Then you may have the stuff to be an ORU intramural referee.