The Golden Eagle that Soars in Tulsa, Oklahomaeli making basket

Energetic? Yes! Limber? Yes! A bird of exceptional character? It goes without saying. Ever since ORU's feathered mascot, Eli hatched out of his paper-mâché egg in 1993, he has been in command of the basketball court and ORU fans' hearts. Each time the team takes the court, Eli struts his stuff on the sidelines amusing the crowd with his antics and building support for our players. In 2008, Eli was recognized at the NCA Summer Collegiate Camp Awards as the Best All Around Mascot, Most Collegiate and All American. Now that's something to squawk about!

While Eli is all fun and games on the basketball court, he has a serious side that begins with what his name stands for: E for education, L for life skills and I for integrity - qualities shared by ORU's student body. And while many students hope to take the role of Eli each year, only a very few have the right combination of energy, talent, personal responsibility and stellar character references required to fill his very large uniform. Leadership - if you've got it, it may be time to test your wings at the Eli tryouts. To download the tryout application click here.