Intramurals Director

Providing Leadership for Popular Program

Do you have a passion for sports? Are you interested in helping others become more involved in competitions involving their dormitory wing versus others? If so, you may want to get involved in intramural sports management.

Each year a student holds the position of Intramurals Director for the entire campus. Typically, the Intramurals Director has worked his or her way up throught he ranks as a referee, lead referee and referee coordinator before taking the helm in this highly demanding position. Considered part of the work-study program, Intramurals Director is a paid position that requires strong organizational skills, negotiation skills, interest in sport of all kinds and, of course, people skills.

Fortunately, the Intramurals Director is not on his or her own.  Each year he or she selects a staff of seven individuals the spring before their employment begins in the fall. This allows each person to train with the current leader so they can benefit from their knowledge and experience.