ORU Engineering Team Prepares for Mission Trip to Ghana

By Jesse Schettler ‘13

Engineering Missions TeamFor the second year in a row, the Oral Roberts University chapter of Engineers with a Mission will embark on a summer mission trip to Ghana, Africa. The team has partnered with Operation Orphan Rescue to build a self-sustaining farm that will serve as a source of food as well as income for the Miragu village in Northern Ghana.

The students, which include engineering, international community development and social work majors, plan to build an auquaponic farm to raise tilapia and couple this with a hydroponics farm that will continually grow vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots for the villagers. The students have estimated that the local population will only consume roughly 40% of the tilapia and vegetables, therefore the remaining 60% can be sold for a profit of approximately $80,000 per year.

"The hard work of these ORU students will drastically improve the quality of these villagers lives. The farms will provide an almost self-sustaining source of food and income for the people of Miragu," said ORU Professor of Engineering and Physics Robert Leland. "In addition, our students will gain valuable experience in sustainable development, a skill which will give them an enormous advantage as they graduate and join the workforce."

Sponsors for the team include: Knuckles Down, The Coral Cove, Black Forest Decor and Layco Electric Innovations.