ORU Business Students Aid Non-Profit Organizations in South Africa

By Chandler Elmore

South AfricaOral Roberts University business students are currently in South Africa helping to enhance the sustainability and effectiveness of non-profit organizations. The business team is comprised of six business majors as well as Jim Russell, chair of the undergraduate business program, and his wife Sofia Russell.

Each group member has completed business consultant training and has worked to perfect their presentation skills for the trip. The itinerary includes: creating a sustainable budget and marketing plan for a local farm project; developing a donor database, fundraising plan, website and brochure for the June Nicholson School for children with cerebral palsy; and setting up a website for The Fakkel School for children with disabilities.

“Business is a gateway to ministry and relationships; it is a universal thing everyone understands no matter where you are in the world,” said Russell. “I am looking forward to how this is going to change the students’ lives and focus their attention to the needs that can be met with the knowledge they possess.”

The ORU College of Business regularly host business specific trips. To date, the trips have helped organizations in Costa Rica, Paraguay, Ecuador, Zambia, Argentina, South Africa and Peru.