ORU chapter of the American Scientific Affiliation hosts guest speaker

Via Academic News for Science and Engineering

The ORU chapter of the American Scientific Affiliation met last fall with guest speaker being our own New Testament professor, Dr. Jeff Lamp of the ORU College of Theology and Ministry.

His stimulating and informative lecture was titled, "Who's Talking to Whom? Theology and Science at Table Are Sat Down," which covered the American Association for the Advancement of Science's Initiative for Cooperative Strategies for Incorporating Science into Theological Education.

Although a New Testament professor, Dr. Lamp originally received a bachelor of science degree in Engineering from University of Oklahoma-Norman and is currently finishing up his master of science degree in Environmental Science at OSU-Tulsa. The discussion that followed covered what the best response would be to the initiative and how we can try to get scientists to see the Christian perspective, rather than try to use it for their own practical gain in working together, making it a dialogue more than just a one-sided scientific monologue.

The AAAS regional meeting will be in early April, giving the ORU community opportunity to think through and work out this initiative. In other news, due to changes in the national ASA policy, students can now become members of the ASA for free! For more information, go to www.asa3.org.