Housing Changes

With the increase in enrollment over the past nine consecutive years, there has been a significant impact on campus housing. After extensive research, collaboration with focus groups that included staff and students, and time in prayer, the University recognizes the need for change in the housing configurations.
Initially, plans are underway for building the first new residential facility on campus since 1973! The plan is to build an all-apartment-style residence area that will include a nice bathroom space, a living area and a full kitchen. This new residence would be located between Howard Auditorium and Christ’s Chapel (where Braxton Hall once stood). We are 60% funded! Please pray for the rest of these funds to come in so we can break ground soon.

Secondly, as part of reconfiguring the housing spaces, the University recognizes the value of freshmen residence halls that creates close-knit community, a better college experience and an increased desire for continued education.  Therefore, beginning this fall, freshmen students will be exclusively housed in Claudius and EMR.

We understand this transition will mean some displacement and discomfort. We respect and value residence life and believe it is foundational to the ORU experience. Our team is committed to working with traditional floors to determine the best ways to maintain the rich campus life traditions.

We have listed FAQs below that will assist you through this process:

Will my housing costs change?
Effective for the 2018-2019 academic year, the housing costs will be equal for all standard double rooms with the exception of suites and rooms with private bathrooms.  The cost for a standard double room will be $2,195 per semester.  The costs to live in Claudius and EMR will go up slightly while the costs of living in Towers will decrease slightly.

Can we keep our floor name in our new location?
Each floor will have the ability to submit a floor/wing name for approval through their RA and Chaplain for the 2018-2019 academic year.  We recognize and respect the established communities and we are open to allowing them to continue. We believe relationships are paramount at ORU and we will work to cultivate those communities.

Can I still select my room and roommate?
The room selection process has not changed.  You are still able to select your own roommate unless that student is a freshman.

When will I be able to select my room for 2018-2019?
On February 19 at 8:00 a.m., all current students will be able to select online from available spaces.

What floors will be designated for freshmen in EMR?
Floors 2, 3, 4, and 5 will be designated for freshmen.  Floors 6 and 7 will have some space availability for sophomores.

What floors will be designated for freshmen in Claudius?
All floors in Claudius are presently designated for freshmen.  

What happens to brother/sister wings?
Establishment of brother/sister wings will continue to be a key part of building community.

What happens to Susie North?
Susie North will remain a women’s residence hall.

Will freshmen honors students be a part of this change?
All freshmen honors students will select housing in Claudius or EMR. Upperclassmen Honor Floors will essentially remain the same.

What does this mean for private rooms?
Because of our continued growth, private rooms will not be available.

What does this mean for residential adult learners?
We will continue to have adult learner (non-traditional) spaces available.

Does this mean I can’t room with my sibling who is an incoming freshman?
Incoming freshmen who have siblings already on campus will still need to select a room in Claudius or EMR to experience the engagement and connections vital to their first year at ORU.

Housing policies can be found at http://handbook.oru.edu/section-2/housing/.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation throughout this transition period.  We trust that you will respond with a positive and mature attitude and in the true spirit of ORU.

Should you have any questions email Vice President of Student Life, Dr. Clarence Boyd, at cboyd@oru.edu.

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