Growth Industry: ORU's College of Business Keeps Students and Professors Growing

Dr. Dyson teaches in the GLCThere's an age-old philosophy in business: you have to keep growing.

The same applies not just in owning a business but also in teaching it. Fortunately, the ORU College of Business is embracing this very concept, using new technology in new ways to keep creativity flowing and both professors and classes growing.

"It's great to have some new toys to play with," says a smiling Dr. David Dyson, Professor of Management. And while his phrasing is tongue in cheek, it's evident that Dr. Dyson does indeed have fun crossing his classes with the available technology in the new Global Learning Center, like remote hosting.

"Our first night of class this semester, we had two guests with us, one from the United Arab Emirates, and the other from Singapore," he says, referring to his graduate-level course Management in a Globalized Era.

"We had conversations with them and they gave their perspective on the concepts from their experiences," Dyson says. "That way we can connect with those who are already doing it, learn from their experiences, and talk with those who are practicing what we will be doing."

Dyson and the College of Business also plan on working in greater detail this school year training with the GLC's immersion avatars—a sort of virtual face-to-face training exercise.

"We have a grant to begin that experience," Dyson says, "to do live interactions with avatars using AI and human intelligence joined together. This will give us better training for diversity and other issues that affect how we manage."

Dyson, the rest of the College of Business, and the team at the Global Learning Center are all focused on the nearly limitless ways they can grow the educational opportunities of ORU students.

"There are lots of new facets for utilization that enhance the value of our students' learning," says Dyson.

It's just good business.