Serving the Global Movement: Two New Offices Increase ORU's Reach Around the World

meeting of the office of global serviceLike so many things at ORU, taking a look at the future often requires remembering the past.

"24 years ago, in Guatemala, God spoke to me in a very clear way that He would send me to Latin America, where He had His people." This is Dr. Eloy Nolivos, a professor and an alumnus of ORU. "That's where I went into the mission field and also into education. I returned there this summer and God reminded me of that word. He said 'Didn't I tell you that you were going to all Latin America? What's your title?'"

Dr. Nolivos's new title is Ambassador to Hispanic and Latin American Communities for ORU. It's the first of its kind in a series of new initiatives to reach into international educational spheres, all based out of the Global Learning Center.

Next door to Dr. Nolivos is Dr. Kevin Schneider, another former professor whose new title is Executive Director of the Office of Global Service.

"There was a desire to have an office that would catalyze the globalization energies of the University," says Dr. Schneider. "We help to synergize and coordinate our different global programs. We're not missions and we're not admissions."

Instead, the Office of Global Service focuses on unique projects like academic missions, healing teams, and ORU's new study abroad program, which launched this fall in Paris, the first of many planned locations.

"This office is working toward that core integration that Oral Roberts had of taking your faith into your world," says Dr. Schneider. "Interacting with our international students, raising them up and sending them back to their countries with the power to change it. I'm excited about what I'm seeing take form in this office. I love the name of our department, because we're here to serve the global movement."

As for Dr. Nolivos, he sees an opportunity for a great harvest and is prepared to be just as patient now, 24 years later, as he was when he first heard that call.

"Sometimes when God speaks to us, when He projects the vision for the future, we might want an immediate interpretation," he says, "but with God it's almost always a progression in time. Now I'm seeing it fully come into shape. I'm excited, I'm honored, I'm privileged, I'm humbled. Because I know it's only God."