ORU Mission Minded

Monday, March 13, 2017
Stephanie Hill, Director of University Relations & Communications
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Tulsa, OK – Oral Roberts University is among the top mission minded universities. Christian Universities Online (CUO) ranked ORU #12 out of 50 schools.

PR Newswire reports CUO ranked the schools according to the number of missions degrees offered in their undergraduate and graduate programs, opportunities for internships and service in missions, and whether the school’s website is mission-focused.

ORU’s mission is “to build Holy Spirit-empowered leaders through whole person education to impact the world with God’s healing.” This was highlighted in the feature, along the 4 mission-oriented degrees offered at ORU. They are a Global Studies major, International Community Development major, Global Ministry and the Marketplace major and M.A. Missions.Ghana Manna  Mission

As an example, five ORU nursing students recently returned from a three-week trip to Ghana, where they carried out their studies and participated in real-world care alongside the Manna Mission Hospital. They helped with eye care, pediatrics and prenatal care. They even had the privilege of assisting in multiple births.

"Today God showed us that holding the hand of a laboring mother, hugging her through a contraction, and teaching her to breathe is exactly what God does for all of us every day," said nursing student Michelle Love Skelton. "Holding our hands, hugging us through the biggest hurts, and teaching us to breathe and lean on Him is His greatest joy, and His timing is always perfect."

CUO is an independent online resource for families and prospective college students. It provides information about Christian higher education, including rankings and reviews of the best Christian colleges and universities in the United States. Some of the other features include Top 10 engineering Degree Programs, and 25 most beautiful Christian Colleges and Universities in the West. CUO ranked ORU as #19 in that category.

To read more about the mission minded ranking go to http://www.christianuniversitiesonline.org/50-top-mission-minded-christian-colleges-and-universities-2017/