ORU Students Release Single “Fire Engine” to Raise Money for Missions

U of JPOral Roberts University students are well-known for sharing their faith through missions work around the globe. This year five ORU students, who collectively comprise a cover band known as The University of Joaquin Phoenix, are doing their part to help raise money for these life changing trips. The band released their first single titled “Fire Engine” pledging that 100 percent of proceeds would benefit missions work.

“The University of Joaquin Phoenix was founded through efforts to raise money for ORU mission teams,” said drummer Sean Campbell. “It seemed fitting to continue the legacy when we discovered that three of our band members planned to participate in missions trips over the summer."

University of Joaquin Phoenix bass player Bryce Behrman plans to travel throughout the United States with one of ORU’s worship teams, co-founder Adam Mullenix plans to participate in ORU’s Music to the Nations, and co-founder Joseph Neville plans to participate in a worship trip through his church.

“Fire Engine” began as an impromptu acoustic performance on YouTube and has evolved into a southern rock ballad, which was part of the band’s winning performance at ORU’s 2013 battle of the bands competition.

“The song is simple and self-titled: it is about a fire engine,” said Campbell. “When writing the song, we wanted it to be creative, humorous and edgy. We hoped that it would make people bob their head, sing along and leave them scratching their head asking, ‘what just happened?’”

“Fire Engine” can be purchased for two dollars at www.uofjp.bandcamp.com.