ORU Offers Private Instruction in Commercial Music Performance

Commercial Music PerformanceThe Oral Roberts University Music Department announced that additional private instruction opportunities will be made available to students interested in commercial music performance. Individual lessons in studio and commercial instruction will be available to guitarists, bassists, drummers and keyboardists, allowing students to tailor their degrees toward classical instruction only, or a mix of commercial and classical styles. The new courses will be available to students in fall 2014.

“These additional instruction opportunities will allow ORU students to enhance their knowledge of modern music styles,” said Chair of the ORU Music Department Cheryl Bocanegra. “Students will be able to experience the nuances of pop, rock, jazz, country, worship or alternative music first-hand, while refining their abilities and enriching their musical foundation.”

Rhythm section players interested in studying styles most often used in modern worship, commercial shows and studio sessions, receive a strong foundation that lays substantial groundwork for versatility as a performing musician. Private lessons also include classical training, which provides students with broad educational experience that stimulates creativity and develops technique, improving musicianship skills relevant to many types of music.

Private instruction provides the following:

  • Classical and commercial instruction from skilled professors who are currently active as performers in both classical and commercial styles
  • Knowledge and musical skills adaptable to multiple musical styles
  • A broad foundation of understanding across musical boundaries

Students interested in enrolling as music majors are eligible for nomination to the Quest Whole Person Scholarship, which offers up to $20,000 a year in tuition. For additional information on the Quest Whole Person Scholarship Program, visit www.quest.oru.edu.

For more information about the private instruction opportunities offered through the ORU Music Department, attend College Weekend March 6-8, 2014, contact the ORU admissions office at 800-678-8876 ext. 1or admissions@oru.edu. For more information on the ORU Music Department, visit www.music.oru.edu, or call 918-495-7501.