New Degree Program Prepares Students for Global Workforce

Global StudiesOral Roberts University announced a new degree program titled Global Studies. This interdisciplinary program allows students to focus their studies on a specific region of interest including Latin America, the Middle East, or Asia. In addition, students will receive a language minor connected to that region—Modern Hebrew, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. The program will begin accepting students in fall 2014.

“In recent years, we have seen a major shift towards a globalized workforce,” said Dr. Mark Hall, Dean of the College of Arts and Cultural Studies. “The new global studies degree program will prepare students to live, work and communicate with people from around the globe, and it complements the new globalization initiative at the university.”

The Global Studies degree program is designed to prepare students for the global workforce, regardless if it's in Tulsa or Shanghai. A graduate with this degree is able to pursue careers and successfully work in the globalized world, whether it is in developing businesses, creating effective policies, helping people and communities, working with non-governmental organizations, governments, or ministries. 

Strengths of the program include the following:

  • It is a relevant, applicable degree program that coincides with the current global system and marketplace.
  • Students can specialize in a region of the world while being prepared to work in a global environment.
  • This interdisciplinary degree program allows students to learn international business, language skills, good global governance and gain practical international experiences.

Students interested in enrolling for the new Global Studies degree program are eligible for nomination to the Quest Whole Person Scholarship, which offers up to $20,000 a year in tuition. For additional information on the Quest Whole Person Scholarship Program, visit

For more information about the Global Studies degree program, attend ORU College Weekend March 6-8, 2014, or contact the ORU admissions office at 800-678-8876 ext. 1or