Professor Recognized for Academic Triumphs Despite Severe Disability

Evie LindbergOral Roberts University Assistant Professor Evie Lindberg was honored by the Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDAA). Lindberg, who teaches special education courses in the ORU College of Education, was featured on “Success Story Sunday” on the LDAA website.

Lindberg struggled with school her entire life and was plagued with memories of being declared “academically retarded” in elementary school. In ninth grade she was diagnosed with auditory and visual dyslexia, a severe learning disability.

Lindberg had no plans to attend college until her brother encouraged her to apply at ORU, where he attended. After an initial rejection Lindberg was eventually accepted to the university. As a college student, Lindberg again struggled to pass her courses.

As a student Lindberg heard Chancellor Oral Roberts preach and wrote a letter asking him to pray for her healing. Roberts was touched by the letter and requested a meeting to pray with her. To Lindberg’s surprise Roberts prayed for God to heal her fear, not her disability.

The next day she received the book “Bread for the Wilderness, Wine for the Journey” by John Kilinger. Lindberg never found out who left the book, but as she read, her life was radically changed. She decided she was finished being handicapped and began taking classes in special education, hoping to discover helpful strategies to cope with her disability.

Lindberg graduated from ORU with a B.A. in learning disabilities and mental retardation. She went on to earn an M.A. in learning disabilities from the University of Tulsa and an Ed.D. from ORU.

“I know God put me here at ORU for a reason,” said Lindberg. “I am to help and counsel students who are struggling. I also understand why I haven't been completely healed of my disability. God wants me never to lose sight of what it is to struggle so I never lose my empathy, understanding and compassion for students with learning disabilities."

“Dr. Lindberg’s story of perseverance is an inspiration to many students and faculty members in the ORU College of Education,” said Dean of the ORU College of Education Kim Boyd. “Her passion for special education is apparent as she works with students both inside and outside of the classroom.”

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