ORU Hosts Fourth Christian Worldview Lecture Series

Oral Roberts University hosted the fourth Christian Worldview Lecture Series. The series was sponsored by ORU's Faculty Christian Worldview Committee and featured business missionary Brett Johnson. The series was held March 27-28 in Zoppelt Auditorium in the Hammill Student Center located on ORU’s campus.

Johnson is known as a world-changer and business missionary. He will be speaking on the spiritual value of honorable work as well as how to repurpose business to benefit multiple stakeholders, including workers, business clients and society at large.

Johnson founded The Institute for Innovation, Integration & Impact, Inc., a Silicon Valley think-tank which trains leaders to utilize the gospel to transform the world. He brings over thirty years of international experience with public accounting and executive consulting firms in order to help businesses embrace the kingdom of God.

“I believe that these lectures will challenge the way Christians think about work and how it correlates with the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Mark E. Roberts, ORU director of the Holy Spirit Research Center. “Attendees will hear dynamic teaching on the role of the Holy Spirit in professional environments and leave prepared to successfully ‘go into every person’s world.’”