Tulsa Historical Society and Hyechka Club of Tulsa Feature ORU School of Music

ORU Chamber ChiorThe Tulsa Historical Society and the Hyechka Club of Tulsa featured the Oral Roberts University School of Music during their Nov. 15 “Music at the Mansion” concert series. The concert was held in Travis Mansion and included performances from the ORU Chamber Singers, Guitar Ensemble and Pianist Juliane Lapidus.                                       

Directors for the musical ensembles include: ORU Professor Edward Pierce for the Chamber Choir and Instructor Chris Brown for the guitar ensemble. Juliane Lapidus is the student of Joyce Bridgman.

The “Music at the Mansion” concert series is in the midst of its fourth year and focuses on highlighting classical music for Tulsan audiences to enjoy. Concerts are held every third Thursday of the month.