ORU Professor Releases Biography on Andrew Jackson

ORU Professor Paul VickeryOral Roberts University Professor Paul Vickery recently released the latest volume in his book series titled “The Generals.” The new book subtitled “The Iron-Willed Commander” is comprised of 256 pages that chronicle the life and military career of United States President Andrew Jackson.

“Jackson has always interested me because he was such a man of action,” said Vickery. “His unwavering will, grit and courage led him to accomplish amazing things throughout his lifetime. He not only had one of the most successful military careers in the United States, but he was the first U.S. President that was not an ‘elite’ member of society.”

“The Iron-Willed Commander” took one year for Vickery to write and follows Jackson from orphan to frontiersman and eventually the President of the United States. The book focuses largely on Jackson’s military career and gives compelling details concerning the defining Battle of New Orleans.

Readers will discover a story of leadership, perseverance, and ambition that is both well researched and entertaining. Reviewers praise Vickery’s book as “easy to read” saying that they “like the book and the topic” and appreciate that Vickery “keeps the story moving.”

“The Iron-Willed Commander” is available for purchase at www.amazon.com/Jackson-The-Iron-Willed-Commander.