ORU Missions Leaves an Imprint on Students’ Lives

College students typically spend their summers relaxing, earning money for school, or going on vacation, but many ORU students chose to take a different trip through participating in ORU missions. The students’ amazing experiences of serving on missions not only impacted people across the globe for Christ, but changed their own lives as well.

Oral Roberts, founder of the university, dedicated his life to the calling of the Lord to, “raise up your students to hear my voice, to go where my light is dim, where my voice is heard small even to the uttermost bounds of the earth.”

The students who participated in ORU missions followed this call by making a difference for Christ and growing spiritually through their time of service. Alex Canas on Team Brazil said the greatest lesson he took away from the trip was to constantly be listening to the voice of the Lord.

“I will be more obedient to the Holy Spirit in small ministry opportunities. This is the one thing I have learned in missions, to be more sensitive to the voice of God,” said Canas.

Whether the students served on the mission field for eight weeks or one, God used their ministry to draw people to him and bring glory to his Name. Charlie Adams on Team Tanzania shared that 27 people got saved after they ministered in a home.

“One man looked at me and said, ‘ The reason I believe you and what you have said is because you have traveled halfway around the world to share with people about a God you’ve never seen,’” said Adams.

While serving on missions, many students had confirmation that their desired profession was their true calling. Abbey Woodhead on Team Panama said her time serving made her even more enthusiastic to teach.

“This trip gave me a renewed passion for both teaching English and learning Spanish,” said Woodhead. “It showed me how simple ministry can be and how sometimes we just have to take the time to talk with others.”

Dan Holman on Team Ghana said he believes that his experience on the mission field will fuel his ministry as an engineer.

“I plan on using this knowledge for future leadership and to keep on loving God and understanding what He has blessed me with,” said Holman. “I really want to devote the rest of my life to supporting missionaries and to doing short term international development missions trips using my engineering knowledge.”

Many students shared how the ORU missions trips offered bidirectional ministry. Those who participated had the opportunity to serve, change lives, and bring people to Christ, but their own lives were forever impacted as well. Noelle Smits on Team Togo said she believes her time on the mission field will stay with her for life.

“I plan to never be the same. The passion I have gained for the Word and the new view of people and love for people that I now have are things I will fight for,” said Smits. “My ministry is for people, not just certain groups of people, but all persons, and it is love.”