ORU Student Finishes with Coke Scholarship

Ciera TrischThe infamous debate of Coke versus Pepsi came to a screeching halt for Ciera Trisch the day she won the Coca-Cola Scholarship. Studying media at Oral Roberts, Trisch received financial assistance to reward her outstanding high school achievements and to inspire excellence in her college education.

The Coca-Cola scholarship is awarded to scholastic students who are heavily involved in their communities. Out of 85,000 applicants, Trisch was awarded a national Coca-Cola scholarship worth $20,000.

“When I found out I won, I remember crying, praising God, hugging my parents, and crying some more,” said Trisch. “My whole town joined the celebration process and before I knew it newspaper articles were written, trophies given, and so many kind words were mailed in to me.”

Trisch came from small town Branford, Fla., which allowed her to be actively involved in her community.

“In high school I wore many hats,” said Trisch. “I served as the class president for 6 years, along with my school's FFA, BETA, FCCLA, and National Honor Society president. From teen-trendsetters, to Envirothon, to forestry judging and debate, I did it all.”

One of Trisch’s favorite projects was developing a book drive called Creating Access To Stories or CATS with her sister. They collected more than 4,000 books from over 5 counties and donated them to title one education programs across North Florida.

Her family also developed a military nonprofit organization called Bless the Vets to support veterans in hospitals. They designed handkerchiefs that read, “Only two people have been willing to die for me, Jesus Christ and an American Soldier,” and shipped them across the nation with proceeds sent to local hospitals.

In addition to her outstanding achievements and public service, Trisch said her experience of winning the Coke scholarship equipped her with confidence to do great things for God.

“Winning the Coca-Cola Scholarship changed my life,” said Trisch. “To be connected to the largest global brand in the world in even the slightest way, has been incredible. As I graduate in December, my plans post-graduate currently revolve around Coca-Cola.”