New Information Booth Welcomes Guests to Campus

Security Info CenterWith increased enrollment and positive attention to the campus, ORU is installing a new security and information booth at the lower lot parking entrance near 81st and University Avenue to meet the needs of incoming guests.

Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer Tim Philley said the booth construction was designed with two purposes in mind: to assist visitors in navigating through the center of campus and to provide extra security at night.

“We thought, ‘how can we put something that’s positioned well to give visitors information,” said Philley in regards to the booth’s location. “We will also be able to secure the central part of campus where the majority of people live.”

The stand, which is nearly completed, will be operated by ORU students and security guards during the day and after the 1:30 a.m. curfew, the gate will remain closed to ensure campus safety. In addition, extra cameras are being installed in various parking locations to monitor incoming traffic.

The new information center will be especially beneficial with the construction of the Armand Hammer Alumni Student Center, which makes the core of campus more attractive to visitors. Philley said the Hammer Center is on schedule for construction.

“By the time students come back, we should have the roof on and the outside done,” said Philley.

Other campus renovations for summer include mostly infrastructure repairs. The student housing dorms Michael and Frances are getting new beds and air conditioner units. The children’s library and Holy Spirit Research Center are being remodeled.

Several buildings are receiving new carpeting and flooring including the Deli, Howard Auditorium, Timko Barton’s performance hall, and Graduate Center floors 2 and 5. Finally, Braxton Hall will be completely demolished by the first week in July. These and other campus renovations will be finished by the fall 2012 semester.