30 ORU Summer Missions Teams Set Out

The ORU missions department is the central location for students to follow the calling of founder and chancellor Oral Roberts to go into every man’s world. Recently, 30 summer missions teams departed from Tulsa to spread the gospel for two to eight weeks in 25 countries.

The trips were designed to connect students with the people across the globe as ministers of Jesus Christ. The students’ summer missions work includes constructing houses for families in Haiti, caring for orphans in Ukraine and Germany, and teaching English in Thailand—all while spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Students also get to connect their desired professions and passions with missions. Team South Africa, which has eight NCAA division one soccer players on the 12 member team, will be coaching soccer to the youth. Team Cameroon is a team of pre-med students working in conjunction with the ministry In His Image to bring medical supplies to the native people.

Six teams are traveling with ORU’s International Worship Center, which allows them to minister to the nations through music. The students will lead worship services and pray for healing to draw people’s hearts to God.

Senior mechanical engineering major Charles Shull said that he got involved with team Burkina Faso because he wanted to minister in gratitude to the Lord.

“I feel like God has invested so much in my life, and I’m giving a small amount of time back,” said Shull.

Missions Coordinator Bobby Parks said the ORU missions department has had a 32% increase in involvement this year, with over 300 students going on spring break and summer missions.

“It’s exciting to be a part of something bigger than ourselves,” said Parks. “It’s really encouraging seeing ORU students giving of their time and finances to minister the gospel.”

Before the teams left for their missions destinations, they participated in an intensive, week-long ropes training that included ministry preparation, teamwork-building exercises, personal devotions, and testimony sharing.

Senior public relations major Liz Tvedt said training was an opportunity to get a taste of what they would be doing on the actual mission field with their teams.

“Ropes is physically, emotionally, and spiritually challenging because it forces you to recognize what you’re going to be doing on the missions field,” said Tvedt. “It also is a time for you get motivated and fired up for the trip.”

Parks said ORU missions is a great opportunity for students to grow in the Lord. He desired them to go on the trips as learning individuals.

“Going on ORU missions is an opportunity for students to understand the process of obeying the Lord’s voice,” said Parks. “They’ll be changed long after, and we want them to make this a lifestyle to do missions.”

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ORU Missions:

IWC Music to the Nations Teams:

Belize (2 weeks)


Brazil Basketball (2 weeks)

Dominican Republic

Germany (2 weeks)


Haiti North (2 weeks)


Haiti South (2 weeks)




Brazil Amazon












Cameroon Medical


South Africa Soccer




Tanzania (Man Team)






Burkina Faso






Ghana Engineering


Thailand Education (5 weeks)


Romania Theology (7 weeks)