ORU College of Education students participate in community outreach at Tulsa schools

By Sara Rozalina Krstevski '12

ORU EducationLast week, Oral Roberts University's College of Education had approximately 70 teacher candidates, faculty, and staff members descending upon two Tulsa Public Schools for community outreach projects. At Chouteau Elementary School, students helped make the school more child-friendly.

ORU education professor Evie Lindberg believes that making an impact in the community is what ORU students are here to do.

"Our motto in the College of Education is 'Transformed Educators, Transforming Society, a Miracle Ahead, a Transformed Generation,'" Lindberg said. "Our students were able to give back to the community by transforming this school in about six hours and showing the student body that 56 college education majors and 10 faculty members gladly gave their time and energy to make their school a special place for them to be proud of and to attend."

Ricky Weisser, sophomore education major, agrees. "It helps to see the children's faces when they see that you're helping brighten their school up," he said. "It was a blast. I look forward to doing it again."

Most importantly, the goal to make an impact on the children in the schools was accomplished.

"The children were very excited and made statements like, 'Oh, Look, there is a Panda Bear by our classroom.' 'That looks so cool!' 'Oh, come and see this one.' To observe students light up and hear the joy in their voices, it doesn't get any better," Lindberg said. "The Chouteau principal and faculty welcomed us and were so happy to see so much accomplished in such a short time. They were thrilled that it didn't cost them a dime, and it was a joy for us to give them this gift."

Lindberg informs us that there are numerous ways that this benefits ORU students and faculty.

"First, we demonstrate servant leadership at work. Second, it shows the community how we not only care about academics, but we care about developing our students' disposition as future educators and impart to them a heart for good work ethics," Lindberg said. "Lastly, it benefits ORU by showing high school seniors who want to make education their major, that ORU College of Education is involved in a positive way with our students and local community projects."