ORU students sow seeds in on-campus greenhouse

By Ally Powell ('13)

ORU GreenhouseLonger days, flowers blooming and warmer weather has finally arrived! In order to welcome the new season, Oral Roberts University students are taking advantage of an on-campus greenhouse by planting vegetables.

"I think the students have a sense that spring is here," says George Perkins, ORU director of Buildings & Grounds, Sodexo. "They are claustrophobic from winter and now want to see something green."

Located behind Frances Cardone Hall, Susie Vinson Hall, Wesley Luehring Hall and Michael Cardone Hall, students are growing radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and carrots inside of the greenhouse. Any student has the opportunity to use a portion of the greenhouse to grow vegetables or other plants. All of the vegetables grown are organic.

"I think students should have control of knowing where their vegetables come from and what chemicals were used on the vegetables," says Perkins.

Aside from growing plants, students can learn how to sow and germinate seeds in the greenhouse.

"Honestly, I would like for every student to come in and grow plants and learn how to garden," Perkins says.

Students began to use the campus greenhouse for a science class. The vegetables grown were a success. After the vegetable plants matured, they were placed in county fair contests. Tomatoes and hot peppers entered in the contest won first-place ribbons.

Perkins says the greenhouse can also assist students who plan to go on missions.

"Many students going on mission trips to Third World countries will be faced with horticulture challenges," Perkins says. "The skills learned in the greenhouse would give general knowledge to help people on missions."

Perkins is hoping to erect another greenhouse for student use.

Students wanting to plant vegetables in the greenhouse should call ORU Security at (918) 495-7750.