Students sacrifice spring break to make impact in Haiti

By Sara Rozalina Krstevski ('12)

At ORU, spring break is a time when young people have the chance to practice what they learn. The ORU College of Education and the Anna Vaughn College of Nursing are planning a joint missions trip from March 19-24 to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to help children reach their full potential.

Teaming up with Fishers of Men Ministries International, ORU nursing and education majors will gain first-hand experience volunteering at the orphanage run by the ministry. Debi Lammert, an ORU nursing faculty member, and Jean Mosely, an ORU education faculty member, are joining the students this spring.

"We are going there to help the children. First, we have to assess what they need, create development plans and then teach the caregivers how to help these children," Lammert said. "Lots of the children are traumatized from the earthquake, not being cared for and not having parents."

Kim Boyd, dean of ORU College of Education, believes that the students will make a long-term impact on the orphanage there.

"The students will have the opportunity to train the staff and give them strategies and skills to help the children with developmental skills," Boyd said. "To go on this multi-disciplined missions trip is what Chancellor Oral Roberts envisioned. The students will have to take their skills and put them into practice with a disposition of service."

The students will be ministering to about 140 children who are in need of assessment and medical care to help them grow and thrive.

"We will screen the children for intellectual and social development delays who have trouble with learning and have emotional difficulties," Lammert said. "The need is to identify the problems of the children and to help them improve."

Boyd believes this will greatly benefit ORU and its students.

"It's what the heart of ORU is all about," Boyd said. "This gives the students the realization of their calling while at the same time it helps them develop their skills."

For more information, go to www.fomhaiti.org or call the ORU College of Education at (918) 495-7108.