Oral Roberts University hosts 2012 IEEE Green Technologies Conference

By Natasha Mitchell ('94)

Oral Roberts University and IEEE-USA, Region 5, the Tulsa Section, will host the 2012 IEEE Green Technologies Conference on April 19-20 at the Hilton Tulsa Southern Hills.

The annual IEEE Green Technologies Conference provides a continuing forum for engineers, scientists and policy makers to consider all aspects of green alternative solutions from energy generation and distribution solutions including solar, nuclear, bio, battery and wind to green architectural solutions for the home and business.

"We are facing many challenges today. Human activities have increased atmospheric CO2 levels, the chief global warming pollutant, by nearly 40 percent since pre-industrial levels," said Sophie Liu, general chair of IEEE Green Technologies Conference, in a welcome message online. "The resulting climatic changes are far from trivial: more intense storms, more pronounced droughts, coastal areas more severely eroded by rising seas. On the other hand, world energy consumption has risen 45 percent since 1980 and it is projected to be 70 percent higher by 2030. Green technology can make the air easier to breathe and the water safe."

Conference keynote speakers include Ram B. Gupta, program director, Energy for Sustainability Program, CBET Division National Science Foundation; Don Van Pelt Smith, founder and CEO of OmegaBeef; Bruce Randolph, director for the Low Carbon Hydrogen group in the Sustainability Technologies division of ConocoPhillips Technology organization in Bartlesville; Chuck Korstad, vice president of Global Quality and Reliability Applied Materials Inc.; and Matt Feighner, regional vice president - National Accounts, Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

The conference chair and co-chair are Sophie Liu and Robert Leland of the ORU Engineering, Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics Department. In addition, John Korstad and Lois Ablin of the ORU Biology and Chemistry Department will co-chair a session on Biofuels and Emerging Fuels Technology.

For more information on the IEEE Green Technologies Conference, go to http://www.ieeegreentech.org/.