ORU student records songs dedicated to his generation

By Ally Powell ('13)

Brian NhiraBrian Nhira, a sophomore majoring in Organizational/Interpersonal Communication at Oral Roberts University, inspires classmates through music. Aside from being a member of the ORU Singers, he independently writes, performs and records music. Nhira's newest song "Dream On," debuted in July 2011 after six months of revisions.

"The song was actually inspired by a good friend of mine," says Nhira. "Then God revealed the lyrics to me. The song is about what my generation is going through: crushed dreams that God wants to restore."

Nhira has performed "Dream On," on Tulsa news stations KTUL NewsChannel 8 and KOKI Fox 23. It was also performed at a Martin Luther King Jr. commemorative service in Tulsa, where over 1,000 people heard Nhira's song.

"I give all glory and honor to God," Nhira says. "Without Him, I could not do the things that I have been doing."

Nhira has already begun working on another song entitled "It's Time," which he wrote for Festival of Hope, a youth conference that he is hosting in Zimbabwe in May. "It's Time" will be released on Feb. 4.

"The song is about being the hope of the world," says Nhira. "It is a prophetic anthem for my generation."

Festival of Hope is a part of the ministry Hope for All Nations Ministries International, which was founded by Evangelists Edwell and Constance Nhira, Nhira's parents. This conference was created to help revolutionize the country of Zimbabwe.

Nhira looks toward a bright future in regards to music.

"I am excited for the future," Nhira says.

With evangelistic parents, Nhira was able to get involved with music at the age of four by singing "Jesus Loves Me" at Victory Assembly of God in Sand Springs. Nhira began writing songs in 2007. His first song entitled, "Keep Holding On," he plans to record in the future. This single was originated from Nhira watching several people broken before God after the death of a young girl.

"God just downloaded the song into my spirit," Nhira says.

For more information about Nhira's music, go to www.briannhira.com or download his songs from iTunes.