Oral Roberts University to host Science and Science Fiction Conference in April

Paul DaviesOral Roberts University will host a conference on science and science fiction on April 12-13. Titled "When Worlds Collide: Science, Faith, and the Imagination," the conference will explore the relationships between hard science and science fiction, social science and science fiction, and theology and science fiction.

The conference is co-organized by ORU English professor Mark R. Hall and ORU mathematics professor Andrew S.I.D. Lang. Hall and Lang are building upon their honors course on science and science fiction called "Science and the Imagination." Course information can be found at http://nchchonors.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/syllabi_sci_imagination.pdf.

Contributors will present on all forms of science and science fiction, from theoretical physics, extremophile biology, and the plausibility of time travel to reading original science fiction short stories and poetry.

Plenary speakers include Templeton prize-winning author and theoretical physicist Paul Davies and Campbell award-winning author and biologist Joan Slonczewski.
More information and the call for papers can be found on the conference website: sciencefiction.oru.edu.