ORU scores high In 2011 National Survey of Student Engagement

By Ally Powell ('13)

About 641 Oral Roberts University students participated in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) last April. NSSE is a 42-question survey taken by multiple schools in the nation. ORU freshman and seniors scored extremely high in all four categories when compared to other schools.

The NSSE measures categories such as enriching educational experiences, academic challenge, student and faculty interaction, supportive campus environment and active and collaborative learning.

o Enriching educational experiences category- This category measures students taking part in discussions with others from different religious or political background, using electronic technology to complete assignments, student participation in internships and student participation in community service.

o Academic challenge category- This section measures time spent preparing for class, students meeting instructor's expectations, number of assignments and analysis of coursework.

o Student-faculty interaction category- This category measured students being able to talk with a professor or advisor about class assignments, career plans, as well as students being able to work or collaborate with teachers.

o Supportive campus environment category-This category is based on a campus environment that provides academic support, moral support, social support and a relationship-oriented campus.

o Active and collaborative learning category- This recognizes class presentations, group projects and student-to-student tutoring programs.

About 1,500 institutions have taken the NSSE over the past 11 years. Other schools that participated in the 2011 survey include Drew University, James Madison University, North Dakota State, Oakland University and University of Central Florida.

"The ORU Institutional Improvement and Student Learning Committee is currently examining the scores and making determinations regarding how to improve ORU," says Cal Easterling, director of Institutional Research.