Oral Roberts University Dance Department presents Immersion in November

Oral Roberts University dance concert Immersion was presented on November 17-19 at the Howard Auditorium. Immersion included both faculty and student choreography works, ranging from classical to contemporary to tango.

Sophomore Rachel Schemenaur's solo work, Turning Away was selected from the Fundamentals of Choreography class to be a part of this fall concert. In her program notes she shares about the intent of her dance.

"Once you make a choice you cannot undo it, but you can decide where to go from there," Schemenaur wrote.

Rachel Simmons' work, People Watching, was created out of the Advanced Choreography coursework and was inspired by a recent trip she took to NYC. As a way of preparing to enter into the concert time with an attitude of serving one another, students and faculty wrote cards during dress rehearsals runs to one another as a way of offering feedback to the choreographers about how their pieces resonated, left images, and communicated honesty.

As an extension of this experience, each of the student choreographers shared with the audience about their inspiration for their choreography at the end of each night's performance. The experience of putting together Immersion brought the dancers together in unity of body, mind, and spirit and thus became a vehicle for expressing and communicating both beauty and depth to our audience.

For more information on the ORU Dance Department, go to http://www.oru.edu/current_students/my_academics/schools/college_of_arts_cultural_studies/communication_arts_media/dance.php.