StateUniversity.com ranks Oral Roberts University No. 5 in Oklahoma

By Natasha Mitchell ('94)

Oral Roberts University is ranked No. 5 in Oklahoma on StateUniversity.com, the leading website for college and university information.

"Our success rate is not surprising. We have an 80 percent freshman-to-sophomore rate and a 58 percent graduation rate that are above the state average," said Dr. Cal Easterling, director of Oral Roberts University Institutional Research. "What also makes us stand out is that we have a unique scholarship system that looks at whole person assessment rather than grades, and we also have a tremendous faculty."

StateUniversity.com has issued the updated rankings for the top 2,000 colleges and universities in the United States and released its third annual college ranking. The list is available on at http://www.stateuniversity.com/rank/score_rank.html. The ranking for Oklahoma is available here: http://www.stateuniversity.com/rank_by_state/score_rank/OK.html.

Dominik Mazur, founder of StateUniversity.com and Net Industries LLC, said, "We are very pleased to present these new, updated college and university rankings for 2011. As today's students face a tight job market and rising tuition costs, Net Industries hopes that lists like these - together with the StateUniversity.com comprehensive school profiles - will provide a great resource to help students make an informed decision regarding their future college."

Mazur also cautions students to evaluate schools based on their personal values and preferences, and not only on numbers or rankings. "The Top 2,000 rankings - or any college ranking system, for that matter - should serve as just one of many facets that help students to choose a college. If these college rankings help students and their families explore new university options, or begin college discussions that they wouldn't have had otherwise, then StateUniversity.com has done its job."

The StateUniversity.com ranking is based on statistical analysis and comparison of student/faculty ratio, student retention, test scores and other critical factors. The website also provides Top 500 ranking lists on data points including faculty salaries, SAT scores, student debt, top schools by state, best-ranked public state universities, best private colleges and universities, top-ranked community colleges, top vocational, technical and career colleges, and many other criteria.