ORU music students obtain hands-on training in professional recording studio

Technology is a continually growing, monumental aspect of today's society and has captured the interest of much of the younger generation. In Oral Roberts University's Music Department, an entire major is devoted to technology in relation to music.

Music Technology encompasses recording, programming, composition, and performance through the use of electronic devices and computer software.

The Music Technology program is of great interest to music students at ORU. Not only are the classes compelling and the professors enthusiastic, but an incredible off-campus studio opportunity is available to Music Technology students. During the fall semester of their junior year, these students travel to Ohio for five weeks of concentrated hands-on training in a professional recording studio.

Jason Swanson is one of many students who have had the opportunity to learn and apply practical skills through this workshop. A residential program located in Ohio, the recording studio provides hands-on experience mixing, recording, and producing CDs. A typical day, according to Jason, includes two informative lectures, two rigorous studio sessions, and a digital audio workstation session. Working on signal flow and various recording techniques, the studios are well-equipped to provide constructive experience with first-rate studio hardware and software, including Pro Tools. Overall, Jason felt the recording studio experience was an essential part of his education, and he especially appreciated the emphasis that was placed on both the creative and technical aspect of Music Technology.

For more information on ORU's Music Department, go to http://www.oru.edu/current_students/my_academics/schools/college_of_arts_cultural_studies/music/.