Oral Roberts University Alumni Association presents annual Faculty Excellence Awards

The annual Faculty Excellence Awards, funded by the Oral Roberts University Alumni Association, were presented to five professors on Nov. 28. Honorees were Dr. Joseph Mukasa (Communication, Arts and Media), Dr. Calvin Roso (Graduate Education), Dr. Tim Norton (Graduate Education), Chris Putman (Communication, Arts and Media), and Dr. Patrick Otto (Graduate Education). Each professor received a monetary gift and a medallion.

Roso was selected as the recipient of the Teaching category. The remaining recipients were  selected in the following category: Norton for the Christian Worldview Teacher category; Mukasa for the Mentor category; Putnam for the Student Engagement (Research/Service/Learning) category; Otto for the Stakeholder Engagement category.

The goal is "to encourage and reward faculty interactions, sharing of ideas, collaboration, and other acts of professionalism that affect classroom performance, with a special emphasis on interdisciplinary activities (cross-pollination)." Deans, department chairpersons, and the University Faculty Assembly choose the recipients of the awards.