ORU Athletes Speak at Latina Women's Conference

A number of different Oral Roberts University athletes took time out of their week to speak at the fourth annual Business Latina Women's Conference on the ORU campus on Nov. 8.

Roughly 215 female Hispanic high school and middle school students attended the all-day conference, and ORU athletes were on hand to speak to those in attendance about how to earn scholarships (beyond athletic aid) and maintain their grades.

Women's golfer Eve Santillan was one of the ORU athletes who spoke to the group. "It was exciting to see that in spite of the challenges we as Hispanics tend to face, the majority of the kids who attended conference are planning to attend college," Santillan said. "When they asked me if it was necessary to be an athlete in order to obtain a scholarship, I replied by saying, 'Follow your dreams and don't give up, fight for what you want and your efforts will be rewarded.'"

The purpose of the conference is to encourage the students to finish high school and attend college, and this year featured athletics as one avenue to do such. It was the second time ORU has hosted the event.

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