ORU launches "Degree in Three" program this fall

Degree in Three BrochureOral Roberts University will offer 33-degree programs in a three-year format starting this fall. The "Degree in Three" program is a way for students to get a head start on their future, save money and explore the option of enrolling in graduate studies in the fourth year.

"The University Chairs' Council studied the 'Degree in Three' possibility for over a year, looking at data from our student body, as well as which programs would fit into the format," said Wendy Shirk, dean of ORU's College of Arts and Cultural Studies. "We saw this option as a way for extremely focused students to save money and be able to enter graduate school or the job market one year earlier than their peers."

In order to enroll in the program, students must meet grade and degree-program benchmarks in order to complete degree requirements. There is a customized three-year degree plan to follow. Some summer courses also may be required for certain degree programs. Students will be able to reduce their investment in tuition and saving a year of room and board costs.

"By intensifying their study and going year-round in most cases for three years, they can be on the job market or entering graduate school a year faster than they would have otherwise been, saving time and money," said Nancy Brainard, vice president for enrollment management. "Also, students acclimated toward business can earn an MBA in the fourth year."

Brainard said the admissions office is publicizing the program to new students, and will for the first time, keep track of the students in cohort groups to measure their success.

For more information on the "Degree in Three" program, click here, call (800) 678-8876 or send e-mail to admissions@oru.edu.