ORU History Professor Paul Vickery releases nonfiction book

Paul Vickery book

By Natasha Mitchell ('94)

Oral Roberts University History Professor Paul Vickery has released a new book about President George Washington called "Washington: A Legacy of Leadership (The Generals)." The nonfiction book is available on Amazon.com and is a part of a series on American military history.

Vickery said he was approached by ORU alumnus and best-selling author Stephen Mansfield to do the project. Mansfield has written bestselling and award-winning books on topics such as the character of Winston Churchill, the faith of George W. Bush, the challenges of the American soldier, the wisdom of Booker T. Washington, the direction of the new Pope, the life of Paul Harvey, and the unique religious views of Barack Obama.

"He called the history department and asked if anyone did military history," Vickery said. "I contacted him, told him about my background, got a contract and the rest is history. It has been a real fun experience; I've really enjoyed it."

Vickery's first book "Bartolome de Las Casas: Great Prophet of the Americas" was published in 2006. He said the book was an adaptation of his dissertation, and his research for the book was mostly done through interlibrary loan.

Researching on Washington was fairly easy, Vickery said. The availability of online books and access to Washington's papers proved to be a valuable source.

"There was no scarcity of information on George Washington," he said. "It's so much easier to do research online these days."

Vickery said he is working on a second book on Andrew Jackson that will be published in 2012. "Washington: A Legacy of Leadership (The Generals)," published by Thomas Nelson, is available in hardcover and as an e-book.

For more information on the book, go online to http://www.amazon.com/Washington-Legacy-Leadership-ebook/dp/B004RQMCYK.